Daytona Bike Week Accidents

Motorcycle accidents during Daytona Bike Week Drops

The Sunshine State hosts the second-largest motorcycle rally in North America with around 500,000 motorcyclists making the annual trek to Daytona Beach. After 20 fatalities were attributed to "Daytona Bike Week" accidents in 2006, local and state agencies focused on correcting hazardous road conditions, improving routes for traffic flow and stepping up enforcement of traffic laws. The state's collective effort to improve motorcycle safety has resulted in single-digit death tolls despite a steady increase in overall participation after the event's most tragic year.

With nearly half a million bikers sharing the roads in such a confined space, hazardous riding conditions are expected. However, the actual number of motorcycle crashes during Daytona Bike Week has remained constant with 250 to 300 accidents reported in subsequent years. Impaired riders and drivers is considered to be the number one contributing factor to most multiple vehicle collisions while a lack of experience is the most common cause of single vehicle wrecks among motorcyclists.

Daytona Beach Motorcycle Accidents
County 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 5-Year Total
Volusia 519 538 517 500 482 2556

Daytona Beach offers a rare opportunity for motorcycle riders to enjoy the sand and surf up close and personal. Riding on the "World's Most Famous Beach", is open to vehicles from sunrise to sunset for a nominal charge of $5 per day per vehicle. Speed limits along the 5 mile stretch that is accessible to pedestrians and vehicles is 10 m.p.h. and is strictly enforced. Alcoholic beverages (and glass containers) are prohibited and bikers are asked to participate in environmentally-friendly habits to protect the natural dunes, nesting birds and sea turtles.

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